Asbestos Products

What is common to many asbestos products is that they were (are) used to contain heat (i.e. thermal insulation.) It is impossible to list all of the products that have, at one time or another, contained asbestos.

Common asbestos products:

  • pipe-covering
  • insulating cement
  • insulating block
  • asbestos cloth
  • gaskets
  • packing materials
  • thermal seals
  • refractory and boiler insulation materials
  • transite board
  • asbestos cement pipe
  • fireproofing spray
  • joint compound
  • vinyl floor tile
  • ceiling tile
  • mastics
  • adhesives
  • coatings
  • acoustical textures
  • duct insulation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • roofing products
  • insulated electrical wire and panels
  • brake and clutch assemblies

Some of these products contained a very high proportion of asbestos, while others contained small amounts.

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