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Settlement or Trial

Depending on the circumstances of your asbestos exposure lawsuit, you have the option of going to trial or reaching a financial settlement pre-trial. Our attorneys will work with you to provide the best legal counsel we possibly can to attain the outcome you want and deserve.

Mesothelioma Settlement or Trial

Mesothelioma trials are more likely to occur when the negligent companies responsible for the asbestos exposure won’t agree to pay for compensation. Generally, you can expect the following from mesothelioma trials.

About Mesothelioma Trials

  • Awarded damages could be higher than anticipated. In some cases, awards from a trial have considerably larger compensation than a settlement. This is compensation you’re entitled to for help paying medical bills, making up for lost quality of life and any expected wages you would have received if you were at full health and able to work.
  • A trial may expose company misconduct. Many people who suffer from mesothelioma file lawsuits against corporations because they don’t want other people to become victims who suffer from this terrible disease. Over the years Kazan Law has exposed company misconduct numerous times in an effort to protect more victims from reckless company use of asbestos.

During a trial, company negligence will become public record. Settlements–which are typically private–often protect this enounce of guilt from the public.

  • The trial process can be lengthy. Trials are an enduring process – especially when suffering from mesothelioma. They also often do not come with a clear end-point. At Kazan Law we know how to get your lawsuit to completion quickly and favorably.

About Mesothelioma Settlements

Reaching a mesothelioma settlement is an option you can discuss with your family and your attorney. You should consider some of the following points when determining what the best course of action is for your lawsuit.

  • You will be guaranteed compensation once a settlement is reached. Once the settlement is mutually agreed to by both parties, you are assured compensation for the wrongdoing that occurred to you. Also, the companies responsible for your asbestos exposure will not be able to appeal the settlement.
  • A settlement can prevent a possibly lengthy trial. Agreeing to a settlement ends the legal process. This prevents an ongoing lawsuit which may or may not yield a judgment that benefits you, the victim.
  • Privacy is maintained in the settlement details. Unlike other mesothelioma attorneys, at Kazan Law we keep our settlement amounts private. If we let people figure out which clients got how much, it would hurt all our future clients because it would reduce the potential for getting them the kinds of settlements we have gotten for others in the past.
  • Settlement compensation may not be as high. A settlement is meant to reflect a mutually agreed upon amount between both sides. This is not necessarily the amount a victim may have sought in the first place.
  • There is no admission of guilt or responsibility. A settlement means there is no admission of guilt or responsibility from a company. For some people, this omission of guilt plays an especially difficult role in the settlement process. You must be prepared to give up the pursuit of a company’s admission of responsibility if a settlement is reached.

When Defendants Make the Settlement Decision

In some cases, a company knows they’re at fault and the cause of your asbestos exposure. If they think their case is weak, and that liability is clear, they will attempt to reach a settlement with you before going to trial.

Over the years, defendants and their lawyers have learned that trying cases against Kazan Law is rarely fruitful and almost always very expensive. As a result, they are motivated to settle cases with us.

Kazan Law’s asbestos attorneys have handled hundreds of settlement negotiations and know how to win the highest possible settlement for you. Any offer from the defendant will be presented to you and discussed before a decision is made.

During these settlement negotiations, Kazan Law will fight hard on your behalf. We know that any amount of compensation you receive will impact your ability to obtain great health care, make up for lost wages, and ensure the best possible quality of life for you and your family.

Action: Always the Greater Choice

Before you give up on the idea of seeking justice, speak with an experienced asbestos lawyer about your options. Contact Kazan Law today to request a free consultation.

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