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Contingency Fees

If you decide to retain our mesothelioma law firm as your attorneys, then we will work for you on a contingency basis. That means we are only paid after a judgment has been won or settlements reached in your case. You do not pay us up front and you will never get bills from us. We do not charge by the hour. Instead, a portion of the money awarded to you will go to our office and the rest will go to you.

It also means that if you decide to go to trial and the jury decides against you, you will get nothing and will owe us nothing. If we take your case, we will take the risk of not being paid.

What is a contingency fee?

Most plaintiffs’ attorneys in civil cases operate on a contingency fee basis, with some charging up to one-half the recovery; we charge less. Here’s how it works with us: say the contingency fee is one-third. Then, for each $1,000 in settlements you get $666.67 (two-thirds) and the attorneys who represent you get $333.33 (one-third.)

Many attorneys take their percentage first and then subtract the costs of the lawsuit out of the client’s share. (The “costs” are for things like court filing fees, experts’ fees and expenses, medical-legal expenses, court reporters, etc.)

And here’s another way our clients benefit. Kazan Law subtracts the costs first – before the money is divided – so that we share the costs with the client. Our clients therefore get a larger proportion of the compensation awarded.

How do contingency fees work?

For example, if there are $1,000 in settlements and $100 in costs, Kazan Law subtracts the $100 costs from the $1,000, and then we take our contingency fee out of the remaining $900. So you would get $600 and our fee would be $300. However many other attorneys make you pay all the costs. The lawyer takes one-third of the total or $333.33. Your share is $667.67, but out of that, the lawyer takes the $100 for costs, so you get only $567.67 and the lawyer gets $433.33??

In this example the difference may seem small, but in many of our cases the difference could amount to tens of thousands more dollars for our clients.

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