What We Do

Our asbestos and mesothelioma law firm concentrates on representing workers suffering from mesothelioma in third party asbestos lawsuits (against manufacturers, contractors, distributors and premises owners). We also represent victims of other types of asbestos-related cancers as well as seriously disabled victims of asbestosis.

Clients and potential clients are often curious about how we work as mesothelioma lawyers and “what happens” in an asbestos lawsuit. While we have standard practices for how we work, what will happen should you pursue an asbestos lawsuit with us is a difficult question to answer because every case we handle is unique. One of the things that make Kazan Law distinctive is that we handle every case on an individual basis. Nevertheless, asbestos litigation in California has some common features, and this section attempts to describe the A to Z of a “typical” lawsuit on behalf of someone with mesothelioma.

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