Preparing for Trial

As soon as possible, we ask the court to put the case on the trial calendar. When a client is in poor health, we shorten the discovery process and ask the judge to expedite the case by moving it rapidly to the top of the trial calendar. A long period of discovery is a luxury that many clients cannot afford and we have been very successful at moving cases rapidly through the legal system.

Putting the case on the court’s trial calendar usually marks the beginning of serious settlement negotiations. We consult with the client and enter into negotiations with the defendants. We present each defendant with a demand that is reasonably based on that company’s share of liability in the lawsuit. We have settlement programs with several major defendants that give our cases favorable treatment.

Many defendants choose to settle once presented with the evidence against them, but we often start trial against one or more defendants. It frequently happens that during the course of jury selection the remaining defendants agree to settle; others settle during trial. It is unusual for a case to go all the way to a verdict.

Asbestos trials usually last about a month with evidence being given by treating doctors, oncologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, industrial hygienists, co-workers, the client and family, and others. (Read more about Kazan Law verdicts.)

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