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3 Reasons to Hire California Mesothelioma Lawyers

california mesothelioma lawyersCalifornia mesothelioma lawyers are your best bet if you are filing an asbestos lawsuit. In fact, California mesothelioma lawyers have all ready helped your asbestos lawsuit without you realizing it. That is because California mesothelioma lawyers were a major part of the effort to establish mesothelioma law as a distinct type of legal specialty.  Some California mesothelioma lawyers know asbestos law better than most anyone, because they helped invent it. They have set legal precedents and won major victories that benefit mesothelioma patients everywhere.

You do not have to live in California or have been exposed to asbestos by a California company to file an asbestos lawsuit here, according to California law.

Why Choose California Mesothelioma Lawyers, Not Ordinary Personal Injury Lawyers

Asbestos law as a specific area of law practice emerged from the general field of personal injury law. California mesothelioma lawyers like Kazan Law founding partner Steven Kazan were among the first ones to understand that the complexity of asbestos cases and the large number of unsuspecting people exposed to asbestos demanded an area of full legal concentration.  About 3,000 Americans a year are diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is very different from other types of injuries and illnesses.  It is a silent killer. Following exposure to asbestos, it presents no symptoms for many decades.  When a mesothelioma diagnosis is made, 50 years may have passed since the initial asbestos exposure.  Who will remember exactly when and where the asbestos exposure occurred?  Asbestos dust is microscopic and has no odor or taste. The companies that a mesothelioma patient worked for may have gone out of business. The asbestos-containing products that caused the exposure may have long been discontinued. How do mesothelioma patients and their families put together their case?  They hire California mesothelioma lawyers to guide them through the process.

A few California mesothelioma lawyers have focused intensely on mesothelioma since the 1970s and have developed a wealth of institutional knowledge within their law firms.

  • California mesothelioma lawyers know which companies have been associated with asbestos exposure over the years, even if these companies are no longer in business or are doing business under a different name.
  • California mesothelioma lawyers know all the types of jobs and products that may have caused asbestos exposure to occur.
  • California mesothelioma lawyers know which companies have declared bankruptcy and set up asbestos bankruptcy trusts.
  • California mesothelioma lawyers know if your case is winnable and if they believe it is, they will fight for you all the way to the Supreme Court.

A knowledge base and expertise of this depth can be built only by focused experience. It can’t be acquired by someone who is spread thin in many areas of personal injury law.

For example, your family doctor may be a medical professional you trust. But would you want him to perform brain surgery on you?  You would want to be in the hands of a competent experienced brain surgeon, trained to be an expert in this specific area of medicine.

Likewise, if you seek to bring an asbestos lawsuit to court, you need an attorney who is an expert in this specific area of law.  Some California mesothelioma lawyers are good at what they do because that is all they do.  They do not handle other types of personal injury cases.

Hire Real California Mesothelioma Lawyers, Not a TV Pitchman

 10 Questions to Ask When You Call a Number from a TV Advertisement

  1. Who is going to do the work on my case?
  2. How will you be paid for your time on my case?
  3. Who would I call or email if I have questions?
  4. Are you going to work on the case yourself or are you going to send it to someone else?
  5. Is your firm going to handle the case all by itself? How many lawyers, investigators do you have? Who are they?
  6. Who will actually file the lawsuit?
  7. Where will the lawsuit be filed?
  8. Who is going to go to court for me?
  9. How many years has your law firm been in business mesothelioma cases?
  10. How many asbestos cases have you handled?

California Mesothelioma Lawyers and California’s Favorable Laws

Because California mesothelioma lawyers pretty much invented a lot of modern asbestos litigation, they were able to have a major impact on state laws regarding asbestos cases. They have helped to create a climate that is supportive of asbestos victims, with favorable laws and large jury verdicts.  The California legislature and courts have the created and applied special asbestos rules as a necessary and fair response to the unique problems faced by victims of asbestos exposure.

As a result many out-of-state asbestos plaintiffs have the option to file their cases in California with a California mesothelioma attorney as their counsel.

As we mentioned earlier, you do not have to live in California or be suing a California company to file your asbestos lawsuit here.  Nor do you need worry about airfare expenses.  Your California mesothelioma lawyers will travel to you, wherever you are.








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