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Asbestos Industry Affiliation Gets Scientist Rejected As Possible Head of French Public Health Agency

If you’ve been exposed to asbestos, that means that you’ve been lied to. You were assured that the materials you were working with or the place where you worked or lived was safe.  You were not told that you were being exposed to asbestos which could cause you to develop a fatal disease called mesothelioma […]

Outraged Scientists Protest Asbestos Industry Influence

Here at Kazan Law, we obtain justice for our clients who have been exposed to asbestos and have developed mesothelioma. Just last week we again were able to win a big verdict for clients against a big corporation called Pneumo Abex. We win against the asbestos industry because we are good at what we do […]

Scientist Secretly Associated with Asbestos Industry May Help Weaken Asbestos Laws

Creating asbestos laws depends on rigorous honest scientific information.  In order for asbestos laws to protect people, lawmakers need reliable scientific evidence about the harm asbestos exposure does to people exposed to this highly toxic substance. New stricter asbestos laws and better regulations regarding workplace and product safety to prevent asbestos exposure often hinge on […]

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