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Advantages of a California Mesothelioma Lawsuit

california mesothelioma lawsuit Did you know that you can file a California mesothelioma lawsuit in any state in the country? You don’t have to file in the state where you live. You don’t have to file in the state where a corporation you are suing is headquartered (which would be impractical in any event, since many mesothelioma cases involve multiple corporations from different states). People can file a California mesothelioma lawsuit from any state in the US. If the facts are right, at Kazan Law we think that is just what you should do.

Advantages of a California Mesothelioma Lawsuit

California is one of several states with higher than average levels of asbestos exposure. In fact, there are more deaths due to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses each year in California than in any other state. In addition to heavy industries and shipping, where asbestos was commonly used, Californians face an added threat from asbestos mines.

Not surprisingly, California is also one of the states with the largest number of asbestos lawsuits. This is partly historical: when people with mesothelioma first began to file lawsuits in the 1970s, many of the plaintiffs were based in California because of the state’s high rate of asbestos disease.

That isn’t the only reason so many people file asbestos lawsuits in California. Mesothelioma lawsuits are in a special category in California courts. The judicial system in the state has different rules governing asbestos litigation, including a faster route to trial for plaintiffs with mesothelioma.

In addition, California’s laws are more favorable to mesothelioma plaintiffs than the laws of some other states. Some of the other states with the largest number of asbestos lawsuits have passed legislation to restrict access to the judicial system for people who have been injured by exposure to toxic asbestos fibers,  or limit the damages they can recover or make suing more difficult.

For example, after Texas defendants lost lots of mesothelioma lawsuits in the late 1990s, the state passed laws that limit the legal liability of the corporations responsible for negligently exposing people to asbestos. When one of these corporations merges with another company or is sold, their responsibility for paying the damages they owe is reduced in Texas.

Who Can File a California Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Among the restrictions placed on asbestos litigation by some states are laws that limit or bar out-of-state residents from filing mesothelioma lawsuits. There are no such restrictions in California. Anyone can file a California mesothelioma lawsuit if the facts are right.

Your location and the expense of travel should not stop you from filing a California mesothelioma lawsuit. When you work with a top-notch asbestos law firm, your lawyer will travel to your location to meet with you. Kazan Law lawyers regularly meet with clients outside California, sometimes traveling across the country to work with people who have mesothelioma. We believe you can contribute more to the success of your mesothelioma lawsuit if you are able to rest in the comfort of your own home.

The bottom line is that California mesothelioma lawsuits are often more successful and usually deliver larger verdicts. California juries really understand the claims of plaintiffs who are terminally ill because of the negligent actions of corporations who valued corporate profits over workers’ health.

Even if your California mesothelioma lawsuit settles before going to trial, your settlement may be larger in California. Defendants know that a trial in a California court is likely to go against them. This gives them an incentive to agree to a more favorable settlement.

In addition, some of the top asbestos law firms in the country like Kazan Law are based in California. When you choose a lawyer to represent you in your California mesothelioma lawsuit, you can choose from among the best.

Your mesothelioma lawsuit can provide the financial stability to comfort you during your illness and provide for your family once you are gone. Where you file – and what law firm you choose to represent you – can make the difference of millions of dollars in the settlement or jury verdict you receive. Picking a law firm can be the most important financial decision of your life. That is yet another reason to file a California mesothelioma lawsuit.

Justice in California

There is one more good reason to file a California mesothelioma lawsuit. It’s not about money – although your compensation is important. It’s about right and wrong and justice for the next generation of mesothelioma sufferers.

When you bring a corporation to trial in California, you make it more expensive for that corporation to do the wrong thing. There are certainly still plenty of bad corporations in the world. There are some that are actively poisoning and harming people with toxic chemicals at this moment. But the more we hold those corporations to account for their actions, the less economic incentive they have to cut corners on safety.

When you file a California mesothelioma lawsuit, you aren’t just asking for compensation for your own injuries and money to replace the income your family is losing. You are standing up for the next generations so they have safer workplaces with better protections from asbestos and other toxic substances. Your lawsuit might just save someone else’s life!


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