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San Joaquin County Mesothelioma

San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Lawyers

Asbestos exposure in all variety of industrial and workplace settings has caused asbestos diseases including mesothelioma, including in San Joaquin County.


San Joaquin County, California Overview

The San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawyers practice all around California, including in San Joaquin County.  The county is located in Northern California’s Central Valley, just east of the highly populated San Francisco Bay Area region.  It is separated from the Bay Area by the Diablo Range of low mountains, which are crossed by the Altamont Pass. Although San Joaquin is one of the smaller counties in the state, it has a high population density and is growing rapidly due to overflow from the Bay Area’s need for housing.

San Joaquin County is bordered to the west by Alameda and Contra Costa counties, to the north by Sacramento and Amador counties, to the east by Calaveras County, and to the south by Stanislaus County.



The county’s population is over 750,000 people.

San Joaquin County is home to many cities and towns. Stockton is the most populous city in the county with more than 300,000 residents, followed by Tracy and Manteca. According to Pacific’s Center for Business and Policy Research, San Joaquin County is expected to exceed 1 million people by 2040. The city of Stockton is also the county seat of San Joaquin County. Other cities include Acampo, Clements, Escalon, Farmington, French Camp, Holt, Lathrop, Linden, Lockeford, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton, Thornton, Tracy, Vernalis, Victor and Woodbridge.

  • Acampo
  • Clements
  • Escalon
  • Farmington
  • French Camp
  • Holt
  • Lathrop
  • Linden
  • Lockeford
  • Lodi
  • Manteca
  • Ripon
  • Stockton
  • Thornton
  • Tracy
  • Vernalis
  • Victor
  • Woodbridge


San Joaquin County of California was founded on February 18, 1850, as California became a state. The county was named for the San Joaquin River which runs through it. In the early 19th century Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga, commanding an expedition in the lower great California Central Valley, gave the name of San Joaquin (meaning Joachim) to the San Joaquin River, which springs from the southern Sierra Nevada. 

In the 1860s, the Central Pacific Railroad utilized San Joaquin County’s exceptionally flat terrain to construct a rail line from Sacramento to Stockton and then southwest through Altamont Pass to the San Francisco Bay. In 1909, a second railroad, the Western Pacific, utilized the same route through Stockton to reach the Bay area. In the early 1900s, the Santa Fe Railroad constructed a line from Bakersfield and Fresno through Stockton north to reach Oakland. Smaller lines constructed at Stockton were the Tidewater Southern to Modesto and the Central California Traction to Sacramento. Both started as electrically powered. These railroads encouraged the growth of farms, orchards, and ranches in San Joaquin county and adjacent counties.

San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawsuits can be filed in the San Joaquin County civil court system. The court has jurisdiction over all criminal cases including felonies, misdemeanors and infractions; all civil cases, including small claims, probate and conservatorships; family law/support cases; mental health and juvenile law cases. San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawsuits are designated complex litigation and are handled in the courts dedicated Asbestos Department.


Prevalence of San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Lawsuits

The San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawyers at Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood bring many lawsuits around California, including cases arising in the county.  According to the California Cancer Registry, there were 37 San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Cases between 2013 and 2017.

Although located almost 100 miles inland from the ocean, San Joaquin County is home to the Port of Stockton, a major deepwater port connected to the ocean by San Francisco Bay, Carquinez Strait, Suisun Bay, and the Sacramento River Delta.  These types of ports and shipping facilities historically used a lot of asbestos products and equipment.  The county is also home to many industrial and manufacturing businesses that also used a lot of asbestos products.

San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawsuits have been brought based on asbestos exposure that occurred at many specific worksites around the county.  One of the largest exposure sites was the Johns-Manville plant in Stockton, where asbestos pipe and other products were manufactured.

San Joaquin Stockton Mesothelioma
Aerial shot of the Johns-Manville asbestos-product plant in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California


Other San Joaquin County asbestos-exposure sites include:

  • Agricultural Operations
  • Air Products & Chemicals, Lathrop
  • American Can Company, Stockton
  • American Sisal Kraft Corp., Tracy
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Automotive, trucking and farm equipment repair operations
  • Best Fertilizer, Escalon
  • Best Fertilizer, Lathrop
  • California Blowpipe & Steel Co.
  • Clyde W. Wood, Stockton
  • Colberg Boat Works, Stockton
  • Commercial construction
  • General Mills Cannery, Lodi
  • General Mills, Lodi
  • Gold Bond Div of National Gypsum
  • Guntert & Zimmerman, Stockton
  • H.J. Heinz Company, Tracy
  • Heinz Cannery, Stockton
  • Hickinbothan Bros., Ltd., Stockton
  • Holly Sugar Corp., Manteca, Tracy
  • Johns Manville Pipe Plant, Stockton
  • Kyle & Co., Inc, Stockton
  • Libbey Owens Ford Glass Plant, Lathrop, CA
  • Libby-Owens-Ford, Manteca, Stockton
  • Libby, McNeil & Libby, Selma
  • Louisiana Pacific/Fibreboard, Stockton
  • Manteca Canning Co., Manteca
  • Moore Equipment, Stockton
  • Occidental Chemical Co., Lathrop
  • Pacific Paper, Stockton
  • Pollock Stockton Shipyard, Stockton
  • Port of Stockton, Stockton
  • Residential construction
  • Richmond Chase Co. – Stockton
  • Simpson Lee Paper Co. – Ripon
  • Spreckles Sugar Co. – Manteca
  • St. Regis Paper Co – Tracy
  • Stephens Bros. Boat Works, Stockton
  • Stokley-Van Camp – Lodi
  • Thornton Canning Co – Thornton
  • Tillie Lewis Foods, Inc – Stockton
  • Water pipe installations


San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Cases involve industrial and shipyard exposures to asbestos by many different kinds of workers, in all variety of industrial jobs, trades, and occupations, including:

  • Boilermakers
  • Carpenters
  • Construction Workers
  • Custodians
  • Drillers
  • Drywallers
  • Electricians
  • Flooring Installers
  • Foundry Workers
  • Glaziers
  • Home Repair
  • HVAC Repair
  • Insulators
  • Iron Workers
  • Laborers
  • Lathers
  • Machine Operators
  • Machinists
  • Marine Engineers
  • Molders
  • Painters
  • Paintmakers
  • Pipe Installation
  • Pipefitters
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Public Works projects
  • Repairman
  • Riggers
  • Roofers
  • Seaman
  • Sheetmetal Workers
  • Steamfitters
  • Superintendents/Foremen
  • Tiremen
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Welders


The San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Lawyers at Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood have brought successful asbestos exposure lawsuits arising from asbestos exposure at many types of worksites:

  • aerospace
  • airports
  • automobile plants
  • chemical plants
  • construction sites
  • electric companies
  • factories
  • food-processing plants
  • foundries
  • garages
  • grocery retailers
  • laboratories
  • lumber yards
  • manufacturing plants
  • military facilities
  • Navy ships
  • oil refineries
  • shipyards


The San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawyers at Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood have also brought successful “take home” mesothelioma lawsuits on behalf of spouses and family members of workers who were exposed to take-home asbestos at their worksites in San Joaquin County and brought the asbestos home on their work clothes.

The exposed workers in the San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawsuits have received world-class treatment at hospitals and medical centers throughout San Joaquin County, where many leading experts in treating mesothelioma cases practice.  These San Joaquin County mesothelioma treatment facilities include:

  • Kaiser Permanente – Manteca, Stockton, Tracy
  • University of California Health Care/UCSF – Tracy
  • Veterans Affairs Clinic – French Camp
  • Adventist Health – Lodi
  • Sutter Health :Sutter Gould Medical Foundation – Lodi, Manteca, Stockton, Tracy
  • Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Tracy


Experience of San Joaquin County Mesothelioma Lawyers

The San Joaquin County mesothelioma lawyers at Kazan McClain, Satterley & Greenwood have brought many mesothelioma cases on behalf of workers exposed to asbestos in San Joaquin County. 

The Kazan firm has recovered over $4 billion in jury verdicts and settlements for over four decades in mesothelioma cases arising throughout California, including in San Joaquin County.


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