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The Japanese Movement to Ban Asbestos

We were very pleased to obtain permission to post a fascinating brief video about the growth of awareness of the hazards of asbestos in Japan and the public’s reaction to it. The entire video is available for viewing on our international informational web site, www.WorldAsbestosReport.org, which also hosts a great many other reports and videos. Click on the image below for a direct link to the full video.

The Japanese movement to ban asbestos originated several years ago after the onset of Kubota Shock, the term used to describe the public reaction to disclosure by Kubota, one of Japan’s most respected industrial corporations, that it had been brewing an epidemic of asbestos cancer among its workforce for decades.

This video includes moving accounts by mesothelioma patients and their family members, along with a great many illustrations of the asbestos impact in Japan and the public’s reaction which produced the very effective BANJAN movement. I hope you find the video interesting and would welcome hearing your reactions.

Japan Video

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