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Marine Corps Veterans and Asbestos Exposure

Marine Corps veterans were often teamed with the Navy in operations which required first strike capability by sea. These operations utilized naval ships and transports built before the mid 1970’s, which placed many marines at risk for mesothelioma due to the high levels of asbestos materials present in these vessels. Marine Corps veterans also served in other jobs and activities that placed them in danger of asbestos exposure that could lead to mesothelioma.

Marine Corps Veterans and Asbestos Exposure

Marine Corps veterans who served within the following trades or had contact with veterans or civilian shipyard employees who performed these occupations and/or activities could suffer from secondary asbestos exposure dangers:

  • construction, building renovation
  • demolition of old buildings
  • mechanic
  • pipe fitter
  • manufacturing
  • welder
  • installation of products like roofing and flooring
  • insulation work
  • carpentry and activities
  • boiler operator

Marine Corps aviators
Ground forces were not the only segment of Marine Corps veterans susceptible to asbestos exposure. Like their ground troop brethren, Aviators faced great risk of exposure through their joint operations with the Navy. Whether it came from secondary asbestos exposure from personnel or exposure on-board ship, Marine Corps pilots faced the same deadly exposure. Adding to the Marine Corps aviator’s risks, the aircraft flown by Marine Corps pilots and Navy Pilots often utilized insulation parts containing asbestos.

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