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Joe Satterley

Asbestos Lawsuit Evidence that Won a $27.3 Million Verdict

Last month I announced the $27.3 million asbestos lawsuit verdict Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood obtained against Owens-Illinois, a former manufacturer of KAYLO asbestos containing thermal pipe insulation. Our client, Rose-Marie Grigg was diagnosed with mesothelioma in the fall of 2011. Her disease was caused from exposure to deadly asbestos fibers she inhaled while handling and washing the clothes of her husband, an insulator for a company that used KAYLO products.

In this video, Joe Satterley, Kazan Law partner and lead attorney in the asbestos lawsuit trial, discusses some of the evidence that was presented to the jury. Animations illustrate how Mrs. Grigg’s husband’s clothes were contaminated and how Mrs. Grigg came to develop her fatal disease. Evidence also proves that Owens-Illinois knew that their KAYLO product was dangerous, yet continued mass volume production with packaging and marketing that claimed it was non-toxic.

All of us at Kazan Law were very excited that the jury’s decision in this asbestos lawsuit gave the Griggs justice at last, and in the process also did justice to Owens-Illinois by imposing an $11 million penalty to punish Owens-Illinois and make an example of them to help educate all of Corporate America about the need to protect consumers. While money cannot replace the wonderful married life that has been permanently injured, the asbestos lawsuit verdict is an important win towards holding corporations accountable for their past horrible decisions.

Kazan Law Partner Joe Satterley Speaks on $6.8 Million Asbestos Verdict against Ford Motor Company

Kazan Law partners Joe Satterley and Justin Bosl fought a battle against Ford Motor Company late last year that resulted in a $6,825,000 victory in favor of our clients Patrick and Sharon Scott. The Hayward, California jury found Ford Motor Company guilty of designing defective products, failure to warn of these product defects, and negligence, all related to motor vehicle braking systems.

Mr. Scott had spent his career as an auto mechanic, and owned three separate service stations during his years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley. Sadly, like most of our clients who call on us for help, his career came to an abrupt halt at the age of 68 when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos. Mr. Scott was unaware that he was exposed to the deadly toxic material, but the evidence Joe Satterley and Justin Bosl presented at trial, proved that Ford well knew that the asbestos in its automotive parts and vehicles could kill as early as 1948.

While no amount of money could replace what the Scott family has lost, I am pleased that our mesothelioma law firm was able to bring them justice. Watch as Joe Satterley shares his perspective on the case against Ford Motor Company and the jury trial which lasted for three months.

A Close-Up of New Kazan Law Partner and Asbestos Lawyer Joe Satterley

Earlier this week I announced that two new partners and two new associates have joined Kazan Law. The addition of partner Joe Satterley, one of the most highly accomplished asbestos attorneys in the United States, is a significant event for Kazan Law and one I am greatly pleased by. The victories of two of our firm’s recent trials ((Patrick Scott and Sharon Scott v. Allied Packing & Supply, Ford Motor Company, et al and Gordon and Emily Bankhead v. Allied Packing & Supply, Inc., et al) were partially attributed to Mr. Satterley, who provided co-leadership for the trials. I am excited in anticipation of how future clients will also benefit from his skill.

Mr. Satterley’s own grandfather suffered from asbestosis, a potentially deadly disease caused by asbestos exposure.  In this video, hear Mr. Satterley discuss how his drive to succeed in this area of law is based on his personal experience and what the results of his work have meant.

Kazan Law Adds New Partners and Associates

Joe Satterley, Justin Bosl, Ryan Harris, and Joseph Nicholson

From left, Joe Satterley, Justin Bosl, Ryan Harris, Joseph Nicholson

As Founding, Senior and Managing Principal of Kazan, McClain, Satterley, Lyons, Greenwood & Oberman, formerly Kazan, McClain, Lyons, Greenwood & Harley, I am very happy to announce that Joe Satterley and Justin Bosl have become partners in our  firm and Ryan Harris and Joseph Nicholson have joined the firm as associates.

I am very pleased that Mr. Satterley has moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and will be resident in Kazan Law’s offices in Oakland. With a proven track record representing asbestos victims around the United States, Kazan Law clients have already benefited from Mr. Satterley’s skill through his co-leadership in two of the firm’s recent trials (Patrick Scott and Sharon Scott v. Allied Packing & Supply, Ford Motor Company, et al and Gordon and Emily Bankhead v. Allied Packing & Supply, Inc., et al).

Mr. Bosl joined Kazan Law as a law clerk in June 2004 and has been an associate since February 2006. He has been responsible for numerous cases, and handled every phase of litigation, from initial client interview through trial. Mr. Bosl was selected by his peers as a Northern California Rising Star in Super Lawyers Magazine in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, he was named to the Top 40 Under 40 list by The National Trial Lawyers.

Mr. Harris and Mr. Nicholson were law clerks at Kazan Law whose skill, intelligence, and dedication were recognized prior to joining the firm as associates.

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